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Our Leadership

Church Council provides guidance to the church in several key areas and represent their volunteer committees. Council members are nominated and elected to their positions for 3 year terms. Read more about how these committees support our ministry groups.

  • President:  Lori Bruns

  • Vice President & Evangelism:  Kathy Cerwinske

  • Secretary & Ed Team:  Karen Sinnwell

  • Administration:  Megan Stille

  • Stewardship:  Lisa Acton

  • Worship and Music:  Rick Drewelow

  • Building and Grounds:  Bruce Becker 

  • Social Concerns:  Dan Miller

  • Technology:  Kif Richmann

  • Finance: Mark Rodruck

Other Church Leaders

  • Church Treasurer: Jo Henn 

  • Jubilee Coordinator: Bruce Bruns

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