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All are Welcome Here

What to Expect

At St. John Lutheran Church you can expect a hearty welcome, joyful fellowship and bible exploration whether you’re new to the community or just planning a visit. We want you to feel comfortable in worship with us. Take time to read about what to expect at our church.


What is Service Like?

We offer both a traditional style service with hymns and liturgy as well as a contemporary style service led by our Jubilee praise band. These services alternate Sundays and are noted in our calendar. (link to the calendar page)


What about Offering and Communion?

We do collect weekly offerings from our members and regular attendees, however, we do not expect visitors and guests to give money. The offering plate is located in the entryway for worshipers to make their donation and brought forward during the worship service.  Communion is offered on the first and second Sundays to all - members, regular attendees, visitors and guests - no matter their denomination or religious affiliation. 


What is available for Children?

We offer several ministries for children - from a children’s message during service to Sunday School and confirmation. Activities bags with colors, books and more are available for children to use during worship service.

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