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Our Story

St. John Lutheran Church in Nashua, Iowa has a rich history that dates back to the late 1800s. The church was established and incorporated in 1898. A building was constructed on West Depot Street and the small congregation shared pastors with Ionia and Bassett. Over the years, the church continued to grow and flourish. In 1923, a bell was donated by St. John in Charles City, Iowa, which added to the charm and beauty of the church.

In 1928, the church building moved to the corner of Cedar and Brasher Streets, and the congregation celebrated with a rededication of the cornerstone. This move proved to be a beneficial one for the church, as it continued to grow and expand. Luther League was officially established at St. John in 1935 helping to strengthen the church's youth community and fostering a sense of togetherness and fellowship.

In 1940, St. John Lutheran Church experienced a new milestone with the addition of a parsonage for the full-time residential pastor. During World War II, the church community came together to honor the men of the congregation serving in the military. In 1943, a new organ was purchased and dedicated as a memorial to these brave soldiers.

In 1951, the church completed a remodel project, which further enhanced the beauty and charm of the building. However, in 1961, tragedy struck when the church building and most of its contents were destroyed by fire. Despite this setback, the church community remained resilient and held services in a store building on the corner of Main and Madison Streets. In September of the same year, the construction of a new church building began on Merril Street. The cornerstone was laid in May 1962, and in November, the congregation held a dedication for the new building.


Over the years, the church continued to grow and expand, calling more than 15 full-time pastors and seven interim pastors. Today, more than 125 years later, St. John Lutheran Church continues to thrive and remains a cornerstone of the Nashua community, providing strength, support, and guidance to all those who seek it.

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