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St. John Lutheran Church

Faith Formation

     Summer is over and it’s back to school; Sunday School that is. Faith formation is an important part of growing up in the church and a vital ministry of each congregation. There are learning opportunities for all ages; Sunday School, Confirmation, Luther League, adult Bible studies; all of these have a special place in the grand scope of faith formation here at St. John Nashua. Faith formation is a life-long  process that builds one thing on top of another. As you age and experience more of life, faith formation becomes even more important because we are exposed to more hardships and need our faith in Jesus to help see us through tough times. We need to know that God is there leading us out of these dark valleys in life.

     As we begin a new “school year” in the church, I want to invite you to participate in our faith formation efforts (whether that be through teaching younger groups or sitting in on the adult Bible study). Your gifts and passions are needed to help connect faith with everyday life. Remember, your faith journey is not over until the day God’s promised salvation is complete and you are together with God and all the saints in heaven. Thanks be to God. Amen.

- Pastor Todd

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