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People need time for relaxation; time to rejuvenate themselves; and pastors are people too. Shocking right?! Pastors should not be put on a pedestal or viewed any different than people who work in secular careers. We have the same human weaknesses and flaws as anyone else. We can get angry and frustrated. We can become anxious and stressed; tending to peoples’ spiritual needs can be very stressful at times. It is this way with any career; no matter how much preparation one has gone through to get to where they are, it doesn’t FULLY prepare them for the things we can face in both our careers and in daily life.

     Taking care of one’s own needs to avoid added stress and burnout is important to maintaining a healthy balance in life, and self-care is also needed to maintain healthy ministries in a congregation, but oftentimes we set aside our own needs for the sake of our callings. God wants us to work hard in our various ministries and callings in life, but He also wants us to enjoy life as much as possible and be happy, so we can give glory to God and have the energy needed to live our best life possible.

     With that said, I want to encourage everyone reading this message to take the time needed to tend to your own self-care. Find relaxing and healthy ways to deal with your stress. Take a break when needed. Slow down and enjoy life for a while, and then come back to your career ready to do the best work possible; be ready to come back to church with a renewed spirit that is willing and able to assist with the ministries of this congregation.

     In March, I will be taking some time with my family to vacation to the Black Hills and Badlands; in part to show Amy something other than Iowa farmlands but also to spend quality time with my family. Katie and I will also be vacationing in July to spend some time together as a couple and take a break from our places of employment to rejuvenate our souls. I look forward to these vacations as well as returning to church renewed and ready to work hard for the Lord. Amen.

- Pastor Todd

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